Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I just want to tell Victor HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY.. HE is 24... Dang we are all getting old.. lol. I just want everyone to know how wonderful and lucky Iam to have such a great guy in my life.. He is wonderful, and a awesome dad to his little boy. Jet couldnt ask for better.. WEll I LOVE YOU babe and Happy BIRTHDAY!!! Jet made his dad a cake and card today and did an awesome JOB!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

What a great weekend! All my Family was finally together, We figured it had been about six years or longer since we have all been together.. My mom figured we better take family pic since we have never had any.. It was my Nieces birthday as well so we had her a little party as well. I love my family so much, it was so much fun to have all my brother together it got a little wild cause they all thought they were tuffer then the other one.. so they had to pro there point by clearing out the living room and wrestling it was a great time.. Most of all I want to tell my wonderful mother what a great mom she is by raising all of us kids and what a great job she did. We are so lucky to have the best mom in the world! Love ya mom.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Years !!!

What a Great Christmas we had this year.. We just stayed home and did our own thing it was great.. My mom came down and spent Christmas with us and it was so nice.. Jet was so much fun. I finally had to wake him up at like 9 on Christmas morning cause I couldnt wait any longer I think i was more excited then anyone else.. Jet got lot of fun toys and loved everyone thing he got. He was so cute he would open on and be like WOW and would want his daddy to set it up so they could play.. What a Christmas we had.. Couldnt asked for a better one. Spending time with my son Victor and my mom . it was GReat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Jet make me laugh everyday!! He got a weed eater and big toll set for Christmas. I had everything in the in upstairs bedroom cause I needed to get it all wrapped.. Then I hear Jet upstairs so I go to see what he doing.. Of coarse he is playing with this weed eater toy that is still in the box.. Then he hand it to me and says open open.. I told him NO cause I was suppose to wrap it with all this other tools he got.. But of coarse no he wanted it open right then, and he was gonna a though a little fit till I opened it.. So of coarse we open it for him and he loves it so much... he wears he safety goggles every time he is playing with it.. He is such a crack up!!! So now he got a Christmas present early! Victor think he need to open one of his now that Jet got too.. NOT Happening iam not giving in!! Jet is gonna be so fun on Christmas this year and I can hardly wait!!!!

What a great weekend it was.. My mom and little brother came down to visit.. We went to McCormick Railroad park and road a train all through the park and looked at Christmas light it was so pretty and Jet had so much fun... He loved the train ride.. Then of coarse we eat some yummy Texas Roadhouse and then just called it a night.. Next morning finished up so last min Christmas shopping..and the malls were insane.. It was such a great weekend.. We love to have company at our house... And only 5 more days till Christmas.. Cant wait to actually stay home this year and have my wonderful mom at our house to Celebrate this year.. Jet is gonna be a blast at Christmas..CANT WAIT!!!!

Trian all in lights

Jet being silly

Jet hanging out in a train

So Cute

ON the train

Jet thougt Tigger was pretty Cool

Me and my beautiful mom

Jet and his Uncle GR

Me and my LITTLE BRO.. spelled wrong on pic opps

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

MERry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Wow I cant believe Christmas is already here. Iam super exicted for Christmas this year. My little Jet is gonna be so much fun.. Posted some of our Christmas pic we took this year.. I have had wonderful 2009 and looking forward for an awesome 2010 with my amazing boyfriend and my little buddy Jet! I couldnt have anything better.... Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Years!